Trotta – Words I Never Said

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Trotta at his best in this emotional holocaust dedication.

Lyrics after the break.



To be honest man I’m scared of death,
scared to find out what is next,
what the fuck is wrong with you,
please tell me what we did to you,
6 million people slaughtered just because they hate the jews.
Genocide, so many died, I just wanna fuken cry,
people innocent as u and me that’s what makes me mad,
heartless fuken nazis throwin jews up in the gas,
deadly chambers, wish I cudve been the savior,
and risk my life for people for my jewish nation,
trotta boy I’m crazy,
mel gibson a racist
holocasut was hapenin and the people dint say shit,
what about life morals u cudda saved em,
took away there loved ones took away ther ladies,
and don’t forget they also took there daughte sons,
seperated families they used to be one,
then I’m flippin my gun, pointin to my head,
they were starvin for food they just wanted some bread,
then they killed em all and now u see just red,
and these lyrics man the words I never said,
we comin back and we strong man from the dead,
from the we comin back muthufuckaz but we never left

yall can neva bring us down,
jews we always stay around,
kill us and we back in town,
when we hit the fuken ground, we just get stronger and up bounce right back,
the chosen nation bitch we will always fuckin fight back,
even wen u conquered us,
neva let u stomp on us,
hate all yall want but we aint neva hate you back,
taught to love everyone but listen man I hate this crap,
israel the holy land and that’s why I’m makin this track,
Israel the best and one day I’m coming home,
why u fuckin laughin did I knock u in ur funny bone,
niga I’m serious, I can’t fuken live with this,
the messiah is coming tell yall haters u wrong,
jeremiahh is loving man I’m singing this song,
That’s why I’m sittin with an axe cuz yall fakes just blow,
G-d gave israel to the jews all ya fakes shud know,

Verse 3
I know a lot people lot people that told me G-d was evil,
they asked me why do the good always die,
why do the why do angels fly,
I told em everything is for a reason man I kno,
hashem is the one that gives us heart and soul,
G-d gives us life, a beautiful wife,
so put the gun down and also down knife



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