Trotta – 6 Foot 7 Foot Freestyle

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Lyrics after the break.

Weezy killed this beat so why am i tryin,
5 foot 10 but a heart of a lion
6 foot 7 foot 8 foot bunch
eat ya fake rappers for my lunch
Why u unda the basket waiting for the rebound
shit is unfair think we need a recount
used get straight A’ s trotta getting ds now
trotta neva missn, reminiscing of pippin,
fuck the famous i care bout the children
Waka flacka man your shit aint proper
shotta trotta man my tracks they hotter
the rosta shot ya man boom boom blatta
listen to this track and they shittin in they pants,
and sharted all ova now they look like they dancing,
need some pampers, shit i mastered
i goot a question but i aint got a answer

Why these people hatin,
i took over the nation,
wish i cud help the haitians
my life im neva wasting,
but my rhymes the ground they shaken,
real shit man im neva faking,
my flow ugly like aiken,
i got them dreams so i neva be waking,
goin for the top man i am racin
they say trott yo shits amazin
na listen to the music of blazin david
babaganoush fuck the hataz we made it
My rhymes so fresh and your rhymes are outdated
flow so hot like rhianna is naked,
close to fame my toung cud taste it,
paper touchin we paper chasinn,
knock ya ass like we freddy and jason
my hand is bad but look at the way i play it

Got MY Buzz looking fresh
kno wasa fresh to death
slow it down outta breath,
cory gunz trotta next
hitchu wit da eagle da mac n da tech
show you how to do dis step by step
MY grade in life a A but u failing boy F
man no look rondo
chillin in my condo
gotta big head not fuken barry bonds tho
my head full of intelligence,
my album they’ll be selling it
fuck that that aint relevant,
you know what man the hell of it,
weezy flow on em
so wats a peanut to an elephant

exuse me mista
flow sista sista, so tia and tamera
brotha brotha flow so u know we pull the trigga
stamous trotta have u sleepin in a fuken riva
insane in the brain so i am spittin ammunition
trotta so fly so flow like a pigeon
and i am on a mission,
lost my fuken rhythm, and i need to find it
now my flow im switching,
flowback. throwback,
sprewell bitch choke that,
tote that know that,
im common wit that dope track
hello mr doback
man you call me dale, i don’t make it rain boy trotta make it hail
step brothers boy man u have a mangina,
people say im border line fucked up sorta kinda



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