Trotta – All She Wrote

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Lyrics after the break.

My life specifically, I wouldn’t have it differently,
treasure to succses lost the key I nEed a different key
I’m gone nigga and I kno my hommees they be missin me,
hataz get the fuck out cuz there’s no chance ull be dissin me,
find a way out, so I can figure shit out,
martin king flow so we scream and we shout, freedom,
needa free them from the beatin, let them breathe a free breathin
bad weatha conditions heatin leave em leavin from the earth this evenin,
been hitstickin just ask steven, jackson,
gats I’m packin, left these niggaz askin,what the fuk happened,
why the fuck u rappin, to hitchu mac and I’ma lay u out flat and askin wher I’m at said I’m comin atcha ya ass, betta think fast but this aint ova,
this is fuckin all she wrote tho, puff pas like coco,
trota in the booth takes photo everybody so scared screamin o fuck oh oh no,
niga got my gadgets so flow is like go go,
fuck the police man I dnt abidee the popo,
all she wrote to me was just a little letter,
coudve worked harder girl coudlve done a little better,
I was so happy wen I fukin met her
now all I wanna look is a fukin shredder,
shred up the paper, champ like a laker,
fuck all you haters, the day that I made her, a song made me hate her,
why did i date her,
went to the restaurent exuse mr waiter,
why for this bitch am I spendin my paper,
and now 2 years later,
I’m prayin so hard a prayer,
G-d please do me a favor,
bright my future,
erase my past so I cudnt have knew her,
teach a lesson kiss my ass so just call me a tutor,
feelin blue I just got bluer,
like lebron imaa boo her,
but I’m just jokin fuk the hate I just got love on my plate,
but if u wanna get me chiken and rice w a coke with ice that shit wud definitely be nice



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